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SameSun Hostels
Ski Package Policies

Moose Travel Network and SameSun Backpacker Lodges reserve the right to change route itineraries if the need should arise due to factors such as road conditions/closures, current weather, approaching weather, etc. Moose and SameSun are fully committed to providing guests with the best tour possible, and at all times will make decisions that we feel will benefit the group both for their enjoyment and safety. All extra costs incurred due to route changes shall be the sole responsibility of the Guest; this may include but is not limited to, accommodation costs, food costs, etc. Moose Travel Network and SameSun Backpacker Lodges accept no responsibility (financially or otherwise) for any missed connections that may occur due to routing decisions, both within the companies control and outside of its control.

All bookings are subject to a 25% cancellation fee after time of booking. If cancellation occurs within 7 days of tour date, a cancellation fee of 50% will be issued. If cancellation occurs within 48 hours of tour date, bookings are subject to a 100% cancellation fee. Refunds will not be issued for guests who fail to show up on the scheduled departure date of their tour. If a guest is not able to make the date of their tour, they are free to transfer their tour to a different date if the change is made at least 14 days prior to the initial arrival date. Bookings that have already been transferred are final bookings and will be subject to a 100% cancellation fee.

Customer Behaviour
Guests are expected to conduct themselves in a reasonable fashion so as not to infringe on the enjoyment of other guests. Moose Travel Network and SameSun Backpacker Lodges reserve the right to refuse to carry any passenger at any point during a tour based on the decision that is deemed to be appropriate by SameSun or Moose staff members solely. Guests are fully and solely accountable (both legally and financially) for any costs incurred as a result of what is deemed by SameSun or Moose solely to have been inappropriate behaviour. Refunds will not be issued to guests who have been asked to leave a tour, nor shall Moose Travel Network or SameSun Backpacker Lodges be in any way responsible for a guest once they have been removed from a tour.

Release Of Liability Agreement
All guests are required to sign a "Release Of Liability Agreement" and "Terms of Participation" at the beginning of every tour they participate in.

Age Restrictions
Guests must be of the minimum age of 18 to participate in any of our packages, The Rocky Mountain Rager Tour, The Okanagan Powder Package or The Big Kahuna.

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