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SameSun Hostels evolved out of the marketing arm for SameSun Backpacker Lodges.

The whole thing started when co-founders Jeff Gusdal and Craig Kelley had a few too many beers at the local golf course in Wetaskiwin, Alberta. They had both just finished backpacking trips (Craig in Australia/New Zealand and Jeff in Europe). They both felt the highlight of their trips was "hanging" in the hostels with people from all over the world and exchanging stories. Canada had yet to feel the backpacking boom and both Craig and Jeff felt it was bound to happen...even if they had to make it happen. They managed to scrape together a few bucks, brought on a management team as vision minded as they were (including local investment Guru Dale Unland), and away they went.

SameSun started its operations in Kelowna, BC, in July, 1995 with an 18 bed hostel leased in an old house on Bernard Avenue. In the 7 years since then, SameSun has grown to almost 1200 beds in locations all over Western Canada, namely Big White, Silver Star, Revelstoke, Kimberley, Fernie, Banff, Vancouver and yes - still Kelowna (although instead of an old house, SameSun now has a brand new, air-conditioned custom designed building downtown across from the beach...and instead of sleeping 18 people it sleeps 118!).

It didn't take long for the crew at SameSun to figure out that not everybody came to Canada to lay on beaches , fish or hike beautiful trails...there was a need for cheap winter beds as well. The website evolved out of the need for young backpackers around the world to be able to easily find the information they needed for riding the world famous Canadian slopes...including where to lay their weary head at the end of a hard day ripping powder. SameSun Backpacker Lodges and their website was created by snowboarders FOR snowboarders. Plenty of information about where to ride, how to get there, and most importantly, what you can expect each time you arrive at a SameSun Lodge or one of our friends. No marketing garbage, no smoke and mirrors. Just a quality product for a quality price so you can focus on more important things. Happy riding!

Craig Kelley
President & CEO

Craig is a member of Greenpeace, Amnesty International, Doctors without Borders and the World Wildlife Federation. Craig also has a foster child in Kenya.
BIGGEST BEEF: The role that resources play in the world of politics and war.

Riaz Virani
Vice President

Riaz doesn't belong to or financially contribute to any organizations but he does feel strongly about Musicians Against Racism, Mother's Against Drunk Driving, Oxfam and the ONE campaign to make poverty history along with several others. They are amazing people working in amazing organizations and can use all the support they can get!
BIGGEST BEEF: My biggest beef is the apparent lack of free thinking displayed by many people around the world. We have never lived in a more informative time. As citizens of the planet we have access to information at the click of a mouse and yet worldy, compassionate, intelligent citizens don't seem to consider the facts and come to their own conclusion. We seem to be content with 'following the masses' or believing what we are fed through the media instead of evaluating what is and making up our own minds...and that is very scary!

Courtney Webster
Business Manager

Courtney has traveled extensively thru Canada. Courtney loves to travel and Australia is her next destination. She has been actively involved in organizing fundraisers for Aids & breast cancer research.
BIGGEST BEEF: People who pollute the air with tobacco smoke. Politician's & the church thinking they have the right to dictate who can be married.

Tyson Russell
Accounting Assistant

Tyson loves his life and he challenges himself to be his best. He volunteers for Junior Achievement and loves to crack a Simpsons reference at unexpected times.
BIGGEST BEEF: Moral abdication and when individuals take into consideration only the seen effects of their action and philosophy, not the unseen effects, the opportunity costs.

Dan Hindle
Silver Star Manager

Dan is a supporter of Alzheimer Society of Canada, BC Lake Stewardship Society and Canadian Red Cross. He is also a volunteer for Canadian Ski Patrol System and Silver Star Fire Department.
BIGGEST BEEF: Governments, corporations and individuals who won’t commit to keeping our environment clean for a green future!

Randy Lynch
Banff Manager

Randy is an avid world traveler and a supports The David Suzuki Foundation, Sea Shepard and the World Vision Foundation.
BIGGEST BEEF: People who don't appreciate the world we live in! Life is free...LIVE THE DREAM!

Twyla Unland
Revelstoke Manager

Twyla is an avid supporter of the SPCA, a member of the World Wildlife Federation and volunteers by teaching art classes at her daughters school.
BIGGEST BEEF: The flora and fauna that makes the four corners of the globe so diverse and unique are being compromised and destroyed in the name of progress and development.

Tim Charter
Vancouver Manager

Loves hockey, snowboarding, rock concerts.... Vancouver has the best in bands and venues. I would love to see more young people traveling the world.
BIGGEST BEEF: Get schooled in the art of life not in a class room. Live, love and be free.

Jerel Ertman
Kelowna Manager

Jerel supports the Heart and Stroke foundation, Cancer Society, Canadian Veterans Cenotaph fund and the Millet Kripplers hockey organization.
BIGGEST BEEF: Society is turning into a plethora of economically challenged people that have a phobia of work and that technology is taking over the labor jobs from hard working people and soon there will be no work for the masses.

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